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In support of The Liverpool Enslaved:  of Make Your Mind Up from Pete Sounds! 
Inspired by Dave Dennis 
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When Dave Dennis gave the eulogy at the funeral of James Chaney—who was killed along with two other civil rights workers in the summer of 1964—some implored him to make his speech quiet, low-key. But Dennis recalls looking at those gathered in the church and seeing Ben Chaney, James’ little brother. “I lost it. I totally just lost it,” Dennis says. Instead of a low-key eulogy, he pled with those gathered. “Don’t bow down anymore. Hold your heads up! We want our freedom now! I don’t want to have to go to another memorial. I’m tired of funerals. I’m tired of it! We’ve got to stand up!”

The Pete Wylie Show

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Would you like to get your hands on tour tickets early??

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